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An Express Armored Car pony transported banknotes from six banks to the main bank. A group of thieves staged a daring robbery. They forced the armoured car off the road, shot two guards and took care of more than $120,000 in cash. What insurance arrangement in a loan from a financial institution would cover the stolen money in this case? Note: A situation like this could have complainants and their lawyers looking for ways to use the different definitions of occurrence in insurance agreements, so what might appear to be a single deposit could be divided into several deposits. Note: This exclusion has been rewritten to clarify that only losses resulting from the disclosure of insured persons and the confidential information mentioned are not covered. Coverage of an insurance policy resulting from the use of the aforementioned policyholders may continue to apply. Legal costs related to the coverage of the insurance contract are not subject to a deductible. This insurance only applies to thefts from a custodian or a secure burglary fee. The offences must be committed in premises located in a described building. Theft is a set of thefts, actual assaults or threats of assault, violence or intimidation or unlawful possession of property that another person will witness. An administrator may be the insured, the members, the partner or the staff, but NOT the caretaker or janitor.

Example: Kent fires employee Bob. On Bob`s last day at work, Kent collects keys and other items while Bob removes his belongings. However, Bob made a double key and kept it. Two weeks after his release, he used this key to steal goods from the Kents camp. Bob is an employee by definition and insurance agreement A. 1. Employee theft covers his actions. Other insurance can be made available to the insured to cover insured damages. If this insurance coverage is both available and responsive, it is explained below how the insurance company will respond by limiting its responsibilities: For example, Number One, Inc. has moved its insurance coverage from STU Accident and Casual Insurance Company to ABC Indemnity Company.

She spent five years stu. Number one discovered a loss that occurred during the investigation period during the investigation period.


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