Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

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Stop SmokingThe health effects of smoking are well-known: everything from chronic bronchitis and emphysema to heart disease, stroke and lung cancer. This means that the professional hypnotist is besieged with men and women who wish to curtail or quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is easier said than done because smoking is a strong, conditioned reflex and cannot (except in rare instances) be accomplished by the will alone. The best way to stop smoking is to make it an impossibility, and that is exactly what you do when you use hypnosis to stop smoking.

All of us have tasted or smelled certain foods or medicines that nauseate us. The person who wishes to quit smoking is asked to conjure up the vision and the actual taste and smell of the substances which upset his stomach and offend his nostrils, transferring its properties to cigarettes. This, of course, must be done under hypnosis. If you are looking for a betterĀ treatment to recover from addiction.

The subject then conditions himself in the following manner:

  • One … This cigarette tastes and smells just like (mention name of repugnant substance).
  • Two … It is the most vile and repugnant taste I have ever encountered, and I shall not be able to continue after the third puff. At the third puff, I will develop a paroxysm of coughing.
  • Three … I cannot smoke the cigarette any longer, and I will have to put it out.

Visit The Ohana Rehab Center website to read more information about the best ways to recover. This sounds like a simple procedure, and yet it has worked for thousands. Some switch to chewing gum or candy, but the cure essentially lies in substituting one conditioned reflex for another. This is comparatively easy with hypnosis because, unlike narcotics, barbiturates or alcohol, smoking is primarily a psychological addiction. There is no need for tapering off.


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