Self-hypnosis – The Modern Approach to Successful Weight Loss

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The Hypnotic Diet
(Triple CD)

A revolutionary new approach to weight loss.

A person can definitely reduce to his goal-weight through techniques of self-hypnosis. It is a scientific aid and has increasing acceptance and use by physicians. Because so many people are plagued by doubts about the highly advertised miracle diets, self-suggestion is gaining greater recognition as a more desirable means of developing new lifelong sensible eating habits and maintaining weight-control.

Excessive eating is an acquired habit. To break any habit successfully, you must understand how the habit developed, and why it exists and persists.

Habits can be disciplined. They can be controlled or broken by the power of self-suggestion. All habit-breaking requires patience, stick-to-it-iveness and determination.

Overeating is a form of “psychic suicide”

Overeating in some respects can be regarded as a vicarious form of suicide. Fat people often have a fatal “eat and be merry for tomorrow we die” philosophy of life. They become indifferent to the health complication resulting from too much food or too much alcohol.

It is an established fact that obesity shortens your life span. It is a serious and unnecessary health-hazard. Insurance companies and statisticians, for example, report that a person who is overweight and is past middle life is more apt to succumb to premature death from such conditions as coronary thrombosis, diabetes and arteriosclerosis, than a person in the same age group whose weight is average or below average.

Yet despite this risk to one’s life, there are millions of Americans who are doing nothing about their overweight problem. They continue to “dig their graves with their teeth” so to speak.

Discover how to establish healthy new eating patterns and lose weight with hypnosis.


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