Causes of Insomnia

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Many factors cause sleeplessness. Here are a few of them:

  • Taking worrisome troubles to bed with you. You cannot expect to get a good night’s sleep if you lie awake worrying about office problems. Whether you’re a lawyer, physician, politician, business executive, you must learn to lock your troubles in your desk at the end of each day. At least you should keep them out of the bedroom. It is unfair to your family and surely to yourself. You are entitled to eight hours of sound sleep. You need that much if you expect to live out your normal span of life. If others have trained themselves not to “work in their sleep” then there is no reason why you can’t do the same.
  • Being obsessed with the false idea that you just can’t sleep. Labeling yourself an “insomniac” merely reinforces a negative suggestion. You begin to believe it. This gives you a good excuse to become addicted to sleeping pills. You try different ones. You increase the dosage because you find you have built up a tolerance to the drug. You become afraid to try to sleep without the pills. Soon you start to worry about your sleeping pill addiction which in turn causes more insomnia. According to  natural supplements like CBD may help reduce insomnia and will not make you dependent. Read more

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