A Nine-Step Program for Weight-Reduction Through Self-Hypnosis

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Self-hypnosis can help with your weight loss program. Follow these steps to successful weight loss.

Step 1: Devote the initial session of self-hypnosis to making a definite decision about your weight-problem. Get yourself completely relaxed, induce the hypnotic state and begin by admitting to yourself that you have a problem (assuming that you are overweight) and that you need to do something about it, beginning right now.

Note: There never must be any doubt in your mind that you can lose weight.

The right mental attitude (an enthusiastic determination to achieve your goal) gets you off to a good start. Remember that mind-power is based on the will to succeed.

Step 2: Give yourself the posthypnotic suggestion that the best way to start is to subject yourself to a complete physical examination by your physician. Let him find out what physical conditions need to be corrected. You may be anemic or suffer from high blood pressure. You may need vitamins. Tell him you want to lose weight. He will help you. Ask him how much weight you should lose each week. This is the intelligent way of losing weight. You cannot go wrong if you are guided by your physician. In this way you have the confidence that you are not overlooking a physical health problem that needs attention.

Step 3: Tell yourself all the reasons why you should reduce—what the medical profession has written about the hazards—the illnesses common to those who are overweight—how insurance companies regard persons who are overweight as poor risks.

Osler, the famous physician, advised every man after 5o to modify his diet, to eat less and to abate his appetite. The average middle-aged person has a tendency to become self-indulgent for delicacies and consumes more food than his body can use.

Step 4: Establish a proper motivation for wanting to lose weight. Why is it important that you lose weight? Repeat to yourself over and over again all the reasons why you would like to reduce.

Step 5: Analyze your eating habits. Ask yourself: “How often do I eat? What foods do I eat? How much do I eat? Where are most of my excess calories coming from?”

Step 6: Determine the reason you overeat, eat the wrong foods, or indulge in between-meal nibbling. This entails more self-analysis—more self-questioning: “Do I eat to excess because of frustration of some kind?” “Am I unhappy?” “Am I starved for love?” “Is it emotional hunger?” “Am I trying to make food a substitute for something else?” “Am I regressing to childhood when I once ate too much cake, ice cream, and candy?” “Am I overweight because of repressed marital unhappiness?” “Is my obesity caused by feelings of hostility?”

Step 7: To diet successfully, make a list of all foods you can eat and cannot eat. Memorize them. Know all about calories. Know at the end of each day if you exceeded your calorie-intake for that particular day. With the aid of self-hypnosis you can condition your mind through autorelaxation and posthypnotic suggestion that you don’t have to eat the wrong foods—that all eating (the kind of food you eat and the amount) is a habit and that habits can be controlled or broken by the power of self-hypnotic suggestion.

Step 8: Decide in advance what you are going to eat. Weigh yourself daily. Keep your weight-reducing goal constantly in mind. Become weight-conscious. Keep a weekly progress record. See your weight curve come down. Reward yourself after you have made considerable progress by buying a new dress or a new suit in a smaller size. Take pride in your appearance. You’ll find that when your friends comment on how well you look, how different you look, your ego will be where it should be. You’ll have no reason to feel inferior or self-conscious because of excess fat.

Step 9: Repeat daily that you can and will maintain your ideal weight, that you have now developed new eating habits, sensible ones and that you are no longer susceptible to temptation, that your mind is in command at all times—that you can still enjoy good food, eat well and not gain back the weight you have lost.

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